If you are from the Gulf Coast area, odds are you have been through a hurricane (or many). After making it through Hurricane Harvey last year in Houston, I was reading an article about how animals protect themselves to survive such catastrophic events. One of the articles pointed out how birds survived the storm. Migratory birds will typically sense the pressure change and get out of town while they can. Like people, some birds try and ride out the storm. If they get caught up in the storm, birds will choose to fly into it in hopes of riding the tail end of the storm into the hurricane’s eye where it is reasonably calm. Once they reach the eye, the birds then have to hope they can maintain flight for the time it takes for the hurricane to break up once it makes landfall.

As I was writing this novel, I thought about how the main character, Paul, senses some of the pressure Kenny’s case might bring about. Rather than leaving before things get bad, Paul decides to fly head into the hurricane to try and make it to the safety of the eye. There is a better title to this novel out there, but this is something that stuck with me while I was writing, and it very organically became the title to the book.

YouTube Video of Birds in the Eye of Hurricane Matthew

Article on Birds in Hurricane Matthew

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